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Horned Toad Race Sponsorship

If you would like an opportunity to participate in horned toad derby tradition, consider sponsoring one of our Horned Toads as they race to glory during the Festival.  Each day there will be a minimum of 3 races per day.  Spectators can bet $1 per ticket and then place their tickets in whichever bucket of the toad they think will win.  Once the race is over, a ticket is drawn from the winning toads bucket and that person wins a price package of gifts.  It is all in fun and the entire community gets to see live Horned Toads in one of the oldest traditions of the Horned Toad Derby Festival.  We hope you will consider sponsoring a Toad and having your family, business or organization mentioned everytime your Toad Races.  Good Luck!

Horned Toad Race Entry Form.pdf
May contain: stage, person, adult, male, and man