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Coalinga Districts

Yes. Coalinga is a small town; a dot on the map. Resting on the edge of nowhere. Yet here we are, doing the best we can to build a better community where our residents thrive and enjoy life. 

Below is a photo taken by former Coalinga Mayor, Nathan Vosburg. It shows one of the newer housing developments: Fox Hollow. The photos were taken by drone.

Thanks to the AB-182 California Voting Rights Act of 2001, all California towns and cities of any size must be carved up into districts. Each district is carefully studied to ensure equity and representation. Although Coalinga is a small town, there are districts for several different agencies. These agencies have their own districts because none of the areas covered are exactly the same. 

What's with the districts of Coalinga?

Coalinga's Special Districts

There are several 'Special Districts' in Coalinga. Those are for agencies needing representation and voting. Some are completely based on Coalinga while others include Huron and the surrounding areas. 

• Coalinga City
• Coalinga - Huron Unified School District
• Coalinga - Huron Library District
• Coalinga - Huron Recreation & Parks District
Coalinga - Huron Cemetery District

BUT... there are also special voting districts for each of THOSE districts. It's confusing, but unraveling them will help you understand. 

How can one person be heard?

Let Your Voice Be Heard

The whole point of having council members is to have someone to whom residents can share their concerns and issues relating to Coalinga. There are five districts, and the voters of each district vote for that council member alone. BUT that doesn't mean that you can only talk to the person who represents your district. All council members are available to you. They can be reached via email or phone call.